#1 Products for Arizona

Whole Home Filtration

Best Value Salt or Potassium system
A Redox System by Poseidon combines the great benefits of ion exchange with whole house conditioning. In addition to protecting your fixtures and appliances from hard water, you and your family will get to enjoy clean, clear and great tasting drinking water. Click to learn more about the benefits of a Redox System.

Alkaline Pure Drinking Water

Great tasting Pure Alkaline water that can help balance the body’s pH levels that tend to be acidic due to diet, stress and exposure to environmental toxins. The increased pH levels found in water that has been processed through an alkaline filter can give your body the ability to gain super hydration by helping to balance the pH levels in your body. Click to learn more.

Water Heaters

Bradford White water heaters are the #1 heater for the harsh Arizona water. Available EXCLUSIVELY through licensed dealers. Gas, Electric or the NEW! Heat Pumps, Bradford White offers 6 and 10 year warranties and has the top of the line model for you. Click to learn more.