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You Deserve Reliable Plumbing - Choose Poseidon For Your Re-Pipe

Benefits of a Re-Pipe by Poseidon

  • Avoid thousands of dollars in damages.
  • Keep insurance rates low.
  • No more cold shocking showers.
  • Upgrade plumbing fixtures every installation.
Picture of Corroded Copper Pipe

Corroded Copper isn’t Pretty in Any Home!

Picture of Corroded Copper Pipe

Make Sure This isn’t Your Pipe!

Do PEX Pipes Burst?

PEX pipes are flexible and durable to temperature and weather. This makes them better suited to withstand both cold and hot climates efficiently!

How Long Will PEX Last?

50 years! On average, it can actually last even longer. PEX is more durable and reliable than copper, which makes the switch to PEX that much more enjoyable.