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Poseidon has been serving the valley since 1986. Our clients love how soft their hair and skin feel and how easy it is for them to clean their bathrooms and kitchens with soft water. There are several options to choose from including whole home filtration with softening, water heaters, and instant hot water. Along with our fantastic Water Purification Systems such as our Reverse Osmosis Filters and Alkaline Water Filters

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#1 Top Sellers

Whole Home Water Softeners/ Conditioners

Starting From:

$ 1299
  • Soft Water
  • Removal of Harsh Chemicals
  • Chlorine-Free Water

Water Softeners

Starting From:

$ 589
  • Soft Water
  • Removal of Hard Water Components

Water Filters

Starting From:

$ 239
  • Pure, Clean Drinking Water
  • Removal of Harsh Chemicals
  • Chlorine-Free Drinking Water