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Hard water is the presence of the combination of calcium and magnesium in you water supply. Hard water can leave you feeling sticky, stiff and possibly itchy. It is bad for your Plumbing, faucets, shower doors, laundry, all water using appliances and many more.

Reverse Osmosis filters out harmful chemicals and contaminants to deliver pure, refreshing, and high-quality drinking water.

The Alkaline filter increases the pH of the reverse osmosis product water by adding minerals back in to the processed water.

A Water Softener eliminates hard water deposits with an Ion Exchange Resin and Gravel Bed.

With a process called “Ion Exchange”, Calcium and Magnesium is flushed from your tap water. During the process, resin beads catches hold of mineral ions and removes them from the water.

Soft Water can not only help any skin issues such as sensitive and dry skin or eczema break outs, but it also balances the pH levels in your hair.

While hard water may not be an immediate health risk, it can be harmful to your home and belongings. Hard water is composed of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Without a soft water filter to remove these minerals, you may find rust looking stains in your toilet, sink, or shower. Calcium buildup is commonly found on faucets and other plumbing fixtures which can ruin an expensive remodel. You’ll find your soap and detergent don’t perform as well anymore. These are just a few things hard water can do to you.

Yes, hard water can be the cause of both itchy skin and acne breakouts. When soap scum from hard water clogs pores, blemishes are a regular concern. As well as skin breakouts, many people share hard water causes their skin to feel irritated or itchy. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to break outs, soft water is definitely something to look into.

Alkaline water is specialized mineral water with a higher pH to neutralize free radicals in your body. Any other plain water bottle just wont cut it.

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