Short Showers

Are you tired of taking 10 minute showers? When the weather outside begins to change and the temperatures in the garage dips in to the 40-60’s, the shower just doesn’t seem to last as long. This is a typical call for many plumbers with a very easy solution. The easy solution is to increase the temperature of the water. The installation of most heaters results in leaving the setting at the factory setting. The shower should be looked at as a four part system. The factory setting on most heaters will force the user to use 2-3 parts hot to 1 part cold to achieve your desired temp. Increasing the temperature (please see disclaimer below) will allow the user to use 1 part hot to 3 parts cold. This will provide a longer lasting shower and an easier recovery for the water heater to keep up with demand. This will work for electric and gas water heaters. I do not recommend changing the temperature without understanding the risks. If you have little ones in the home higher temperatures can increase the chance of burning and causing serious injury. Please consult a professional.

Disclaimer: The preceding advice is for professionals and it is not recommended for Homeowners to do themselves.

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