Water Filtration

What is Whole Home Filtration?

Whole home water filtration is the process of installing a filter in the main water service to the house before it branches off to any faucets and fixtures.  Usually referred to as a “loop” is the best place to install a whole home water filtration system.  The loop is most likely located in the garage near the water heater.

What if I Don't Have a Loop?

If your house does not have a loop already installed one can be installed by a professional installer who should be licensed bonded and insured.  The loop installation requires re routing the main water service to an area, usually the garage, to divert all incoming water to the whole home filtration system.  The line is the connected back to the service line supplied with filtered water.

What Type of System Should I Install?

What System is Best for Arizona?

What is The Best Water Softener?

The water in Arizona is some of the hardest water in the country. Every house in Arizona should have some type of whole home filtration system.  Water Softeners with an ion exchange resin is the best type of unit for the harsh AZ water. Simply put a system that uses salt.  Standard water softeners will last an average of ten (10) years in the harsh climate of AZ.  A whole home filter with softening will last twenty (20) – twenty-five (25) years.  The extended life is due to the removal of chlorine and chloramines that destroy the media, tank and head.

Recommended Systems?

Redox Whold Home Conditioner and Softener