Why is Soft Water a Good Choice for You?

How much time would you say you spend cleaning your kitchen during the week? How often do you notice the ring in your toilet darkening regardless of the amount of soap you use to try to get of it? How much money have you spent on hair and skin care products to give you the soft glow you’ve only seen on television?

All of these inconveniences are caused by the unseen problem; The hard water living in your water pipes. Hard water will continue to plague your life and home until you make the switch to a water softener.

Soft water is more than it seems. It gifts you the pleasure of soft skin and hair as well as reduces the amount of work you have to put in to keep your home up to date. Less cleaning on your part and less money spent on replacing old corroded faucets.

Not convinced yet? Don’t worry! We’ve gathered many of the benefits a water softener can grant and laid them out for you. 

1. Soft Water Saves You Money on Skin and Hair Care Products.

One of the most profitable industries is beauty, and that includes the luxurious hair and skin treatments you pay for. Hard water is the presence of the combination of calcium and magnesium in you water supply. Hard water can leave you feeling sticky, stiff and possibly itchy along with dry and brittle hair. Soft water will remove the calcium and magnesium from your water before it hits your shower head!

2. Reduce the Amount of Dish and Laundry soap you Use.

With soft water, you’ll notice your clothes are being cleaned thoroughly without damaging the threads. Not only will you use less soap during your weekly wash, but your clothes will stay vibrant longer! During dinner clean up time, your wash time will decrease as will the amount of soap you use!

3. You'll Save Money on Replacing Old Plumbing Fixtures.

Hard water develops a limescale calcium buildup on bathroom and kitchen faucets, shower heads, hose bibs, drains, and even toilets. That white buildup on your faucet is the cause of hard water deteriorating and corroding your expensive plumbing. With a water softener, you’ll notice your toilet ring disappearing, your faucets remaining clean, and your water pressure being free from clogged shower heads.

4. A Water Softener Removes Chlorine from Your Water.

Yes, Chlorine is present in your city’s water. The same water you’re bathing yourself, your pets, and your children in. The same water you cook and clean with. A water softener is designed to remove Chlorine from your water along with other potentially dangerous chemicals and hard metals.

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