We do toilets too.

Did you know that not all toilets are created equal? The Kohler K-34930-0, with optional seat K-4636-0, is a wonderful choice for any homeowner that is looking for a slight commercial flush with the elegant look of Kohler. The toilet installed is a comfort height, pressure assisted flush, with a soft close seat. Kohler is […]

Water Heater Replacement

What Heater Replacement What do I get? Your water heater installed the right way by Poseidon. Bradford White Water Heater with a 6 year warranty. Supply lines. Shut off valves. Removal of the old heater Up to 30% off compared to box stores. Schedule a FREE Consultation

Instant Hot Water

Instant Hot Water What Would be the Benefit Of Instant Hot Water? Don’t waste 3 to 5 minutes waiting for your water to get to the right temperature, potentially letting 10’s of gallons flush down the drain when you can get hot water to every faucet of your house, instantly! How Much Could I Potentially […]

What is Alkaline Water?

What is Alkaline Water? The Alkaline filter increases the pH of the reverse osmosis product water by adding minerals back in to the processed water. In other words… Reverse osmosis water has been called “dead water”. This term comes from the lack of essential minerals found in the product water. An alkaline replacement filter adds […]