What is Hard Water?

Hard water is the presence of the combination of calcium and magnesium in you water supply. Hard water can leave you feeling sticky, stiff and possibly itchy. It is bad for your Plumbing, faucets, shower doors, laundry, all water using appliances and many more.

My Hard Water Experience

I get asked almost daily about my hair and it’s bright blue color. Many people have a difficult time imagining how I maintain my hair color while keeping my follicles healthy. The answer is simple, I shower with a water softener! Below I have a video available so you can hear the full testimony. Visit our website to get more information: https://www.azsoftwater.com/redox-whole-home-filter

Instant Hot Water

What would be the benefit of instant hot water? Don’t waste 3 to 5 minutes waiting for your water to get to the right temperature, potentially letting 10’s of gallons flush down the drain when you can get hot water to every faucet of your house, instantly! How much could I potentially save? Up to 10% on your water bill and it only costs $5 a day to operate. Plus

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Water Filtration

What is whole home water filtration? Whole home water filtration is the process of installing a filter in the main water service to the house before it branches off to any faucets and fixtures.  Usually referred to as a “loop” is the best place to install a whole home water filtration system.  The loop is most likely located in the garage near the water heater. What if I don’t have

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